Four weeks, four decades and four epic parties!

We’re celebrating the best (and the worst) of the 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s every week in February with delicious decade-themed drink specials and awesome parties every Saturday night with live music and DJs till late.


80s week - 30th Jan to 5th Feb

We’re moonwalking into 80s week from Monday 30th January!

Bust out your leg warmers and get ready to celebrate the decade that brought us MTV, Madonna and The Breakfast Club.

80s party: Saturday 4th February 9pm
Think Baby Think live & DJs till late

Weekly drink specials
Pina Colada & BJ Shooter


90s week - 6th to 12th Feb

We hope you’ve fed your Tamagotchi, because our 90s week will have you totally buggin’!

‘Get Jiggy With It’ all week as we look back to when the Spice Girls taught us all about girl power and every kid was begging for a Furbie.

90s party: Saturday 11th February 9pm
Everybody Dance Now party, DJs till late

Weekly drink specials
Long Island Iced Tea & B52 Shooter


2000s week - 13th to 19th Feb

We’ve survived Y2K hysteria and made it to 00s week!

We’re throwing it back to when iPods were fresh on the scene, Paris Hilton was the party girl we all wanted to be and Myspace changed social media forever.

2000s party: Saturday 18th February 9pm
Bandcamp live & DJs till late

Weekly drink specials
Cosmopolitan & C#%! Sucking Cowboy Shooter


2010s week - 20th to 26th Feb

We’re twerking our way into the final decade; 2010’s week!

It was only a few years ago that Miley Cyrus busted out of her Disney persona, Frozen asked us to ‘Let It Go’ and internet language had us ROFLing with our BFFs… YOLO.

2010s party: Saturday 25th February 9pm
Shake It Off party, DJs till late

Weekly drink specials
Espresso Martini & Kamikaze Shooter