Why the menu at The Kitchen was made just for you

When The Exchange Hotel closed its doors for renovations in January 2020, we knew big things were coming, but calling this ‘big’ just may be the understatement of the year. From cocktails, to live music, to Sports Bars, nothing has been done in halves, and the food is no exception. The upstairs bistro, branded ‘The Kitchen’ brings all the classics you’d expect with the motto “classic dishes, done well”.

So, who’s behind the magic at The Kitchen?

With hospitality stars such as celebrity chef Phil Davenport developing the menu, The Kitchen will have a diverse offering to suit the simpler palates while still exciting the more adventurous foodies. From chef to consultant, kitchen design to brand alignment and even the host of Boys Cooking Club TV series, Phil is the epitome of ‘is there anything he can’t do?’.

“We want to re-educate the Newcastle palate with some amazing food.” Phil said. “The aim with all of our food is for it to be super yummy, super fresh, and only using the best ingredients.”

Helping bring Phil’s creations to life will be head chef Rupert Fagg. In his extensive career in the industry so far, Rupert has created quite the reputation for himself throughout Sydney, Newcastle and NSW as a whole, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. The offerings Rupert and his team create promise to be world class and keep everyone more than satisfied.

To add to the already elite line up of chefs at The Kitchen, Franco Malgioglio will be the wood-fired pizza oven wizard, ensuring everyone who visits walks away with a full belly and feeling plenty of ‘ámore’. Franco brings over 23 years of experience in creating and perfecting his own signature pizza dough which is sure to blow everyone who tries it away. Don’t take our word for it though, you can watch Franco in action as he creates pizzas that dreams are made of right in front of you in the Pizza bar.

The diverse range of offerings from The Kitchen will make sure everyone feels like the menu has been created just for them. You’ll be able to enjoy anything from authentic homemade pasta and wood-fired pizza to all your favourite pub classics.

The Kitchen offers everyone exactly what they want with a little something extra that they didn’t even realise they were missing.

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