The one of a kind cocktail that’s got everyone talking

Beaumont Street has long been known for its lively nightlife scene, and the addition of a brand-new cocktail bar, Swill Bar at The Exchange, has just brought the game to a whole new level.

The first-floor cocktail bar has been introduced as part of the venue’s multi-million-dollar 2020 renovation. The ultimate vibe is created through adventurous interiors designed by Hannah Brady Studios, low lighting, and DJs playing your favourites until 3am. Combine that with incredible and unique cocktails and you’re in for a night out like no other.

A sneak peek behind the curtain…

A cocktail that has rapidly become a favourite for everyone who has tried it is the Butterfly Effect. This is a one of a kind cocktail that you won’t find on any other list in the world and whether you’re new to cocktails or a seasoned veteran, this drink is going to blow you away.

The mind behind the mixtures, who’s designing Newcastle’s freshest flavours?

The elegant combination of unique flavours, classic favourites and home-brewed specialties on offer at Swill has been custom designed by award winning mixologist and Zenith Hotels’ Group Beverage Manager Brent Tozer.

With more than 30 years of experience mixing flavours and creating unique tastes, Brent’s creations are exclusive to Swill.

From the one-of-a-kind house-infused spirits to the custom smoked fruity flavours you can enjoy at Swill, we guarantee Brent has created a flavour for every occasion.

The history behind Swill Bar

The Exchange Hotel’s 140 years of history can be enjoyed in every corner of the venue, and every aspect of the offering, with Swill Bar no exception.

The name “Swill” comes from “The Six O’Clock Swill” in the 60s where all pubs were required to close at 6pm, resulting in a daily influx of mining customers, desperate for a drink after a hard day’s work before the 6-O’Clock cut off. This rush came to be known as “The Six O’Clock Swill”.

Today we respect our Newcastle history by having a swill in Swill Bar.

Some music with your drink?

Every Friday and Saturday Swill Bar will have DJs playing your favourite tunes til 3am, kick back with a cocktail and enjoy the vibe!

The unique design of Swill Bar includes a mezzanine level overlooking the live music auditorium; Live at the X.

Swill Bar is now open!